Terms of Service

By booking a house cleaning appointment and or domestic work with Clean House California Referral Agency I (the customer) agree to the following terms of service.

I agree to allow Clean House California Referral Agency to authorize and charge my credit card.

I agree to do an inspection before the house cleaner leaves.

I agree to call Clean House Agency within 24 hours if I have any problems with the service.

If you (the customer) do not do a walk through with the domestic worker(s) and are not satisfied with the cleaning, and if the complaint is made more than 24 hours after the service, Clean House California Referral Agency referred domestic worker is NOT accountable for the cleaning outcome.

A labor hour is defined as one hour of labor performed by one cleaning professional. Example: 4 LABOR HOURS. If the fee is $40 per labor hour, and a team of 2 completes the job in two hours, that would be $160 total. The same is if a single cleaner completes the job in 4 hours, the fee is still $160. In both examples, 4 labor hours were expended. Having 2 cleaners or 1 cleaner DOES NOT affect the final price, only the time occupying your home.

There is a 4 labor hour minimum for any job, except a 2 hour minimum for weekly/biweekly service. Billable time may include loading and unloading supplies & equipment from a vehicle. If you have any questions regarding labor hours or billing procedures please call the office prior to your scheduled cleaning.

I have read the following statement. 

“Clean House California Referral Agency is not the employer of the domestic worker referred to you. The domestic worker may be your employee or an independent contractor depending on the relationship you have with him or her. If you direct and control the manner and means by which the domestic worker performs his or her work you may have employer responsibilities, including employment taxes and workers’ compensation.”

Property Management Disclaimer: Clean House California does not refer house cleaners to do vacation rentals. If a renter is not satisfied with the cleaning and the complaint is made more than 24 hours after the service, Clean House California, nor the domestic worker is accountable for the cleaning outcome.

Chargeback Disclaimer: A credit card authorization will be placed in advance the day of the service.  Clean House Agency takes credit card fraud very seriously. Make sure that you are using the correct card for any transaction and that the card belongs to you. If the credit card does not belong to you, make sure that we have the card owner’s verbal or written approval. If your home is cleaned by an Clean House California referred domestic worker and you or the card owner reports to the bank that the charges were fraudulent, you will be responsible for the entire cost, commissions, and interest, which will be handled by collections.

Failure to Pay: In case of any failure to make payment, you will be notified. If the account goes to collections, You will be responsible for the entire cost, commissions, and interest, which will be handled by collections.

Move out or move in Disclaimer: We are not accountable if the tenant renting a home does not receive a deposit refund. Move outs take twice as long and cost almost double the amount of a deep clean.

Construction Clean up: Construction cleans take at least twice as long and cost almost double the amount of a deep clean. If there is any work being done during the cleaning, the registered house cleaner(s) are not accountable for the cleaning outcome.

Property access: The customer is completely responsible if customer chooses to give referred domestic workers key access to their property or hide a key. We strongly recommend that the customer use a hidden lock box. Lock box code can be provided for the domestic worker or for Clean House California.

Laundry Disclosure: The customer is completely responsible if customer chooses to give the domestic worker laundry. Clean House Agency referred house cleaners are house cleaning experts only, not laundry experts.

After the service is rendered, you will be charged at the rate of $40 per hour or $45 per hour on weekends, holidays with a 3 hour minimum. 1 or 2 house cleaners will be assigned to your home depending the size of your home and availability. If you ordered a deep clean, you must pay the full amount even if the house cleaning goes over the amount of time estimated.

Your reservation may be placed on hold until you respond to this form. You have 48 hours to cancel or change an appointment and avoid any charges. The time of your appointment is an approximated time. The cleaners will need a 1-2 hour window for most appointments. Cleaners will wait up to a maximum of 15 minutes to be let into any property.

It is prohibited for Clean House California Agency referred domestic workers to make contracts with clients without paying Clean House Agency scheduled fees.

If you are ordering partial house cleaning we ask that you be reasonable with your expectations, let the referred domestic worker see your priority list, and ask them if all the items that you have listed can be accomplished within the amount of time you are expecting them to finish.

If you live in a gated community, meet the referred domestic workers at the gate. If there is more than one entrance, let us know.

Let us know if your home has not been properly treated for rodents, insects, or other vermin.

Let us know in advance if your home has been soiled by pet or human waste, if your home does not have adequate electricity or water needed for work or if you have an extreme mold condition, or any bio-hazard.

Hoarders or customers that are extremely messy and disorganized will need home organizational service at the same rate of $35 per hour or $40 per hour on weekends. We may need to provide a different specialist for your home needs.

Clean House Agency reserves the right to refuse service while fees may apply.

Be kind when evaluating the house cleaning work because house cleaning is arduous labor and Clean House California Referral Agency domestic referrals are trying their best to meet your expectations. To validate any complaints, leave a written list for the home cleaner, do an inspection with the home cleaner, and report complaints within 24 hours. If you are not happy with the cleaning outcome, we can schedule another cleaner for future appointments. Terms may change without notice.