Make Your Home a Stress-Free Zone With these Doable Tips!

by admin - May 8, 2018

Make Your Home a Stress-Free Zone With these Doable Tips!

After a long, exhausting day at work, hours in traffic and picking up the kids from school, you are probably thinking about getting home, changing out of your work clothes and settling down for the evening watching your favorite series on streaming.

But you got home, and It didn’t get better. There’s clutter all over the living room and even the kitchen. You have to help your kids with homework and maybe even feed your pets.

Let’s do something about it. Your home should be your ultimate safe space, so when the situation gets tough, you should find comfort in every corner of the room. It shouldn’t be a place full of stress or reminders that there is still work needing your attention.

The real essence of living stress-free knows the secrets to make your house a stress-free home.


Here are some easy tips to lead you to stress-free zone!


Find a place to be your happy zone.

Regardless if it’s an entire room, a nook or chair, find a spot in your house to be your personal space. You should also make it clear to everyone that once you are sitting comfy in your zone, you are not to be disturbed.

Try to decorate the place with things that remind you of your personal goals and items that can lighten up your mood instantly. The purpose of having your space is not entirely shutting the world out, but merely taking a break to refresh and keep going again.


Let natural light in.

Letting in as much sunlight as possible can boost your health, mood, and comfort, and can also uplift the vibe of a particular room. It’s better if you use natural light to wake you up in the morning than alarm clocks. It only makes you feel less motivated to get out of bed, which in the end, creates stress.

Note that it’s also important to be smart about your lighting. Pick areas where you need more light like the place next to the sofa or wherever you read. You can also highlight focal points such as artworks and pictures.


Add a scent.

Aside from having a tidied up home, a well-scented home can also help you get rid of all the stressful energy inside your dwelling place. Eliminate all unnecessary odors and start living a happy life in your zone!


Embrace a technology-free (at the very least) room.

You won’t be able to rest comfortably when you’ve got plenty of reminders of work and unaccomplished tasks. Hide your mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets that can cause continuous ringing.

You can opt to remove computers and televisions from your room–anything that emits light that can signal your brain to stay awake. Thus, interfering your night’s sleep and making you stressed out in the morning when you wake up.

Shield yourself from a stressful world out there and be happy in the comfort of your own home by following the tips mentioned above! You can never go wrong in a stress-free zone!


Clean your home regularly.

One of the most stressful situations encountered is coming home to a messy, cluttered house. So to avoid this, you should clean your home regularly or have a professional cleaning service to help you out!


Not only that but having a decluttered home will make it harder for you to navigate through your home. As you learned in primary school, a straight line from point X to point Y is the fastest and most efficient route. Imagine tripping over a bunch of toys, or anything that can interrupt the flow of your home.