Get Pass Smartphone Addiction Through These Awesome Tips!

by Ray Malaski - May 16, 2018

Smartphone Addiction

Yes, we get it. You’re not at all addicted to your phone.

You can stop checking it whenever you want.

But remember that time when you were waiting for the bus, and you had to react to your aunt’s husband’s friend’s Facebook post? Yep, that was a special case. Or how about that moment when you consistently took breaks while studying for a major exam to see how many likes your Instagram photo got? A case of bad timing.

We hate to break it to you, but mobile phone addiction is a real thing. You obsessively take a look at your smartphone while walking, working, talking, and driving, even though you know you shouldn’t.


Keep your addiction under control by following these smartphone addiction solution tips.


Avoid using your phone in bed.

A lot of people had been used to check or use their smartphones right before going to bed. But studies are showing that it imposes an adverse effect on your health. The blue light that your gadget emits messes with your sleep hormones.

Thus, the first step to outgrowing your smartphone habits is to declare your bed a phone-free zone. Not only will you achieve your goal, but you’ll also improve the quality of both your sleep and health.


Turn off your notifications.

What keeps you checking your phone minute by minute, anyway? It keeps on buzzing every time, right? So in theory, if you turn off your notifications, it won’t ring, and you won’t be fidgeting all the time!

If you think there are specific messages or notifications you can’t ignore, choose which to disable or not. Just make sure alerts for likes, comments and shares of your posts in social media are kept turned off!


Put your phone in airplane mode.

If turning off your notifications won’t work, you could resort to turning off your internet connection. That means no service, so no reason to check your phone! See how simple it can be?


Use a real alarm clock to wake you up.

Waking up to the sound of your phone after you had snoozed the alarm can cause you to check your social media accounts for hours at the start of the day. Instead of doing more productive things like exercising or getting ready, you’re stuck with your phone in hand.

Prevent this from happening and invest a minimal amount of money on a real alarm clock.


Make meals a strictly no-phone zone.

It’s a tough challenge, indeed, mainly because you need your family and friends involved in this. Collect everyone’s mobile phone and put them in a basket or someplace out of sight. Ask how each other’s day went, or play a game after the meal. It can be 20 questions, your weirdest experience or anything that can make the bond more fun.


Set a more complicated lock code.

Think about this: you can’t check your phone all the time if you have a very complicated passcode, right? Change your pin or pattern into an 18-character long password. Make sure to include uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers!


Now, remember to take things slow. You aren’t entirely going back to the stone age; the goal is to curb your smartphone addiction. Think of other productive tasks that you should’ve accomplished during the times you held your phone. You could have spent the time with your family or cleaned the whole house.

But if you need help with that task, make sure to call in the trusted cleaning professionals!