Best Places to See 4th of July Fireworks in San Francisco Bay Area

by Ray Malaski - June 16, 2018

Best Places to See 4th of July Fireworks in San Francisco Bay Area

No doubt one of the best things each year about the San Francisco Bay Area is the incredible fireworks displays millions can enjoy from different points. Everyone comes here to witness a spectacular show, but don’t let the idea of fighting the crowds keep you from enjoying it. We’ve gathered locations that offer all of the fireworks spectacles without the swarm of people.

Here are the best places to see San Francisco 4th of July fireworks 2018!

San Francisco Art Institute

The San Francisco Art Institute, located on Chestnut St. between Leavenworth and Jones, has a great outdoor courtyard on its campus, with a rooftop terrace open to the public on that night, perfect for viewing fireworks. Another great plus is that you can tour the exhibits and Diego Rivera murals there as well.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park will make you feel like your back at the countryside (at least for a while) and it{s the end of the Lincoln Highway, the first one to ever to cross the entire United States. You can enjoy the fireworks display on the Bay from there, among the wild grasses, trees, and shrubs at the eastern end of the Land’s End Trail. You can park at the Legion of Honor building.

Hills Near the Golden Gate Bridge

From Crissy Field and Fort Point, you will find some high places to watch the show. Find a spot with unobstructed views of the bay and you’re set for the main event. No matter where you go in this area, you’ll find a lot of people and you can you always ask them for some advice if a specific area is too crowded already.

Treasure Island

Right in the middle of the Bay Bridge, Treasure Island is a great alternative to Fisherman’s Wharf on the mainland. It’s panoramic, and you get to enjoy both the lights in the sky and the skyline. Get there early to avoid the traffic, and you don’t have to worry about having anything to do either, as you can spend some time before the show to explore the old military barracks. To feel more comfortable, bring a picnic dinner or better yet, grab a bite and a root beer float at Mersea before the light show!

Marin Headlands

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the area known for one of the most famous views of San Francisco in movies and television, is also an excellent spot for seeing fireworks on the Fourth. If the fog stays away, head to the top of the hill in the Marin Headlands part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and enjoy the fireworks show from San Francisco, Richmond, Alameda, and beyond. You can barbecue on the beach before heading up the hill to, especially if you cross the Golden Gate Bridge early. As you go up, take in the view and remember to pack some snacks, since there are no food vendors in the area.

Angel Island

Break out from the mainland crowds and go to the Angel Island for a magnificent view of San Francisco 4th of July 2018 fireworks display. It will stay open, and this is a ticketed event which should keep numbers manageable. Ticket price includes round-trip ferry from either S.F.or Tiburon, a buffet barbecue dinner, and live music. Bring picnic blankets, chairs, and flashlights, as well as jackets to keep the chill away.

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