Best Hiking Spots in the Bay Area

by admin - July 30, 2018

Best Hiking Spots in the Bay Area

If you’re the adventurous type, you probably love everything that screams “extreme” In Northern California, since everywhere you go hiking, spots will reward you with a fantastic view.

Going on a 1 or 9-mile hike can give you views that are jaw-dropping, you’ll feel more carefree than you have been in weeks. So tie up those shoelaces, and head on to these best hiking spots in the Bay Area.

Here are the good hiking places in Bay Area with gorgeous scenic views!


#1 Land’s End (Sea Cliff, San Francisco)

Hike distance: 4 miles

There’s a hike along cliffs at the northwestern corner of San Francisco that offers some of the most stunning views. Its coastal trail is well-maintained and secure enough so as a beginner in hiking, you can start here. It also provides views of the ocean, Marin Headlands, China Beach, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

While you’re at it, see the remains of three shipwrecks, learn about the trains that used to carry travelers from Downtown to the baths,  and get many excellent pictures.

#2 Alamere Falls (Point Reyes National Seashore)

Hike distance: 7.5 miles

This 40 ft waterfalls that cascade down a cliff and directly to onto the beach is a magnificent trail for adventurous hikers. While its massive waterfall highlights this trip, there is a breathtaking view of the ocean as you walk along the cliff.

This hike is intense, there are also steep parts, and the trail can get too crowded, but it’s worth it. Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit! You don’t want to miss the Bass Lake and go rope swinging on your way back.

#3 Tennessee Valley (Marin County)

Hike distance: 3.4 miles

The Tennessee Valley Trail is one of the most accessible trails for beginners. It’s pretty flat walk with minimal hills and maximum views. The trail forks just before a bird-filled lagoon; go left along the water’s edge to scout for ducks and egrets, then stroll onward to Tennessee Cove.

Ultimately, you’ll end up at a tiny, sandy beach that’s between bluffs on either side. Look carefully, and you’ll see a hole in the black rock cliffs that’s been carved by ocean waves. Although dogs aren’t allowed on the trail, be prepared to see a lot of horses, as the path is near some stables and is horse-friendly.

#4 Angel Island (San Francisco Bay)

Hike distance: 4.6 miles

There are so many things to do and see on Angel Island, and you’re going to get those fantastic views you’re craving, as long as you think of the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Golden Gate, and San Francisco skyline are excellent.

The first part of the hike is almost smooth, so prepare a picnic to have at one of the tables on the top before you start the rest of the 3.5-mile trek. You’ll earn that cold beer you order on the ferry ride home.

#5 Mt. Tamalpais (Marin County)

Hike distance: 1.2 miles

If you’re into gorgeous sunsets, the East Peak on Mount Tam is the place to be on a clear evening. At 2,570ft, it’s the highest point, and also super easy to get to. In fact, the Plank Walk Trail is so easy and short that we’re going to recommend you start with the Verna Dunshee loop first.

This trail gives you views of San Francisco, Northern Marin, and the East Bay, and is a full loop that’s only a little more than half a mile. At the parking lot, get onto the Plank Walk— which is about a quarter-mile and takes you all the way to the summit. Linger there, watch the sunset, and then head back down before it gets too dark.

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